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Bedtime stories
All these stories have video, audio and pdf formats. The stories are recorded with relaxing sounds of nature to help children get to sleep and contain themes such as environmental issues at a level children can appreciate.
A Race at the Beach The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Grebe  The Ugly Duckling
The Monkey and the Dolphin The Three Little Pigs
  Vocab content Grammar content
Penelope Cruz (279 words) with a listening comprehension video Jobs BE in the present simple
Africa (155 words) with a listening comprehension video Geography There is
Meerkats (221 words) Wild animals Present simple
Freshwater dolphins (404 words) Wild animals Ordinal numbers, comparatives
Rafa Nadal (168 words) with a listening comprehension video Sports Past simple - common regular verbs
Save the Planet (and yourself!) (437 words) Vegetables Uncountable nouns, comparatives
The Three Bears (330 words) Bears Adverbs of frequency
  Vocab content Grammar content
JK Rowling (140 words) with a listening comprehension video Writing Regular verbs ending in a vowel
Bruce Lee (221 words) Sports Past simple - GHT verbs
If I were Mayor (376 words) Towns Second conditional
The Opium Wars (339 words) China, history, Hong Kong D and T regular verbs
Jackie Chan is angry (449 words) China, current affairs, history Passive
Paella (287 words) with exercises Valencia, food Imperatives and relative clauses
  Vocab content Grammar content
Avatar Congo  (530 words) with video Africa Tense usage
Black Saturday (363 words) Australia, environment Passive and reported speech
Breastfeeding  (272 words) with a collocations exercise health and society Collocations
Flower Power (252 words)  with a printable reading comprehension health and nature Tense usage
People are Plants  (1189 words) biology  
Plastic Bags (605 words) with an online reading comprehension pollution Tense usage
The Low Emissions Diet (671 words) with a reading comprehension Environmental impact Big numbers and statistics
TQM or When the boss steals your ideas (574 words) with an online reading comprehension
business, Japan imperative, past perfect
Why the crisis happened (677 words) with a reading comprehension economics Consonant change irregular verbs
A Valencian food adventure (713 words) travel and food imperative, modal verbs
The Vanishing Invention (195 words) with exercises science word formation
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