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Bedtime Story No.1


A relaxing story with the gentle sounds of the surf

by Bob Wilson at

This is a relaxing bedtime story with the gentle sounds of the sea to help children get to sleep.

The story deals with the issue of underestimating people's abilities, the importance of sport and the value of friendship over the instinct to want to win.
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by Aesop and Bob Wilson

This story happens at the beach. I can see a crab. What other animal can you see?... A dog, yes. Actually, I know this dog. His name is Davey D. He’s a very nice dog, although sometimes he’s a bit silly. Do you know anyone who’s sometimes a bit silly? Actually, I also know the crab. His name is Jimmy C. He’s a very nice crab, although he’s always very busy. Do you know anyone who’s always very busy?

“Hey, Jimmy. Why do you walk sideways?” The dog asked the crab.

“Davey D. Why do you walk forwards?” responded the crab.

“Walk?!” cries the dog, surprised and laughing. “I never walk. I always run. I can run as fast as the wind and that is very fast.”

“Do you want a race then?,” asked Jimmy C the crab.

“Hah! I enjoy a challenge,” says Davey D the dog, trying not to laugh too much. Who do you think will win the race, the crab or the dog?

“Ready, steady, go!” shouts the crab.

Davey D is running very fast and now he is already halfway to the finish. Jimmy C is doing quite well considering he runs sideways. He does have eight legs which really helps. Suddenly Davey D the dog smells something really interesting. He stops and runs up the beach and finds the spot where the smell is coming from. Davey D starts digging. Eventually he finds a bone. He is very happy about this and sits down for a chew.

“Crikey,” barks Davey D, “the race!”

Davey D runs toward the finish. He runs as fast as the wind but just as he arrives, Jimmy C the crab crosses the finishing line.

“You beat me,” pants the dog, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you, Davey D,” says the crab. “Do you fancy a swim in the sea to freshen up?”

The dog and the crab run into the sea and have a splendid time. In the water, Jimmy really is faster than Davey. Privately the dog realises he has underestimated his friend the crab. This means he didn’t think properly about what his friend can do. After half an hour they come out of the sea and rest.

“I’m tired,” yawns Jimmy C.

“Me too,” yawns Davey D, his eyes feeling heavy. They both had that nice sleepy feeling after all that exercise and bathing. The crab buries himself in the sand.

“Listen, I’m sorry I laughed at you before,” says Davey D.

“That’s alright,” says the crab.

“Can we have another race tomorrow?” asks the dog.

“Sure,” says Jimmy C, “but this time in the sea.”

The dog knows he will probably lose a race in the sea because Jimmy C is a very fast swimmer but Davey D loves sport and agrees with the race in the sea. He also realise that in the sea the crab can get distracted by something and so the dog has a real chance to win. Davey D isn’t so silly anymore. The crab is now sleeping and the dog feels the orange sun on his closed eyes and hears the soothing sound of the sea.

“The sound of the sea is all we need to send us off to sleep. Very soon Davey D is also sleeping. The sound of the sea is all they need to send them off to sleep. Sweet dreams, my friends. The sound of the sea is all we need to send us off to sleep.