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The Three Bears

by Bob Wilson at autoenglish.org
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LEVEL: Beginner
GRAMMAR: Adverbs of Frequency
READABILITY: 7.38 (Coleman Liau index)
WORDS: 330

The Three Bears

Three kinds of bears live in Alaska. These are the white bear, the black bear and the brown bear.

White bears, or polar bears, usually live on the ice and nearly always eat meat, especially seals. They often catch seals by waiting near their breathing holes in the ice. White bears always have a wash after meals.

Black bears normally live in forests. They eat a lot of plants and really love honey. Black bears sometimes steal nuts from squirrels. A black bear can occasionally attack a moose. Black bears are very popular with people. Teddy bears come from black bears and Winnie the Pooh too.

Brown bears, or grizzly bears, nearly always live in the mountains. Once a year, the brown bears go to the rivers and lakes to catch salmon. Brown bears love blackberries, blueberries and huckleberrries.

Bears rarely attack humans. White bears are very, very dangerous but there are not many people where they live. You must never go near a white bear. If you meet a black bear, you shout at him until he goes away. However, if you meet a brown bear in the forest, you lie down and play dead. It is very important not to confuse brown bears with black bears. Also, when you go camping, you always put your food and rubbish in special containers so that the bears don't smell them.