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by Bob Wilson at autoenglish.org

  About autoenglish.org
This is a hobby site and all the exercises are written by me, Bob Wilson, except the junior worksheets. I'm an English teacher working in Valencia, Spain. My aim is to provide a free resource for students and teachers of English. Why? Eeer, I'm not really sure. Maybe someone will offer me a fantastic job one day. Maybe that person is you! 
My brother Jim is also an English teacher. He works in Hat Yai, Thailand and loves Thailand as much as I love Spain. He writes the junior worksheets.
  About Bob Wilson

I was born in Sydney in 1966 and messed up a degree in materials science at Brunel University in England in 1989. After spending 3 amazing months in Ecuador, I did a TEFL course by correspondence and moved to Valencia, Spain in 1992.

      After too many years working late in academias, Spanish evening schools, my Spanish friends urged me to finish my education or be forever miserable, broke and childless. The Open University gave me back my self-esteem, payable by monthly installments, and brought me instant happiness.

      I have now finished a Spanish masters degree in education and hope to secure a place in a Spanish state-aided secondary school. Unfortunately, the Spanish authorities consider my British degree in language studies invalid. I am currently fighting this decision.

For any teflers in despair, a friend of mine earns big money by teaching private classes in companies. Way to go.
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  Cheers then, Bob.