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-16 years teaching English as a foreign language

-BA (Hons) English and Spanish

-4 years teaching online from

One-to-one classes

30 mins free trial
Flexible timetable
Only 15 Euros per hour

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Erradicate your errors
Develope conversation skills
Improve your pronunciation
  job interviews

Live email service

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help with your business emails
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  perfect correspondence
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Send excellent job applications
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Professional translations

  by qualified natives
All kinds of texts:
  business, technical ...
More about one-to-one classes
 How would I pay?
After each class I will send you an email from Paypal with simple instructions to make safe payment
 Is it possible to vary class times?
Yes. We would arrange each class according to our weekly schedules.
 Why choose Bob Wilson?
The trial class gives you the opportunity to access my suitability to your requirements for free
I am a qualified TEFL teacher with 16 years experience teaching with a degree in English and Spanish
All the exercises at Auto-English are my own creation (grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs etc)
I have 100s of hours experience teaching business English in companies
 What level do I need?
 What do I need to start?
A computer connected to the Internet, a headset with microphone and Skype - which is free.

 What my students say.

Bob Wilson first became my English teacher 12 years ago
He collaborated with me when I was working as export manager in "Viola, s.l." (this is a company which manufacture decorative solid brass hardware and export around the world (see His positive help was highly appreciated by the company.
He also has been teaching English to my son (30 years old) with very excellent results.
Nowadays he is an excellent family friend and, personally, I'm very grateful for his dedication and collaboration.íMany thanks Bob!

Carmen Prat, Valencia-Spain.

''I have been learning English from Bob for a few months now. I have attended some other online English classes before, and I think Bob is one of the best teacher. I am fascinated by his passion to teach English,let alone his kindness.

He is always very patient and helpful. He listens to me carefully and gives me good explanations when I don't understand something.  Above all, he is very nice as a person and I really enjoy his lessons!''
Hitomi, Nagoya-Japan.

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