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7 Steps to Glory

  Intensive English Course

for Beginners

by Bob Wilson at autoenglish.org






The units in this course contain:

online explanations

interactive exercises

downloadable mp3 audio files

video tutorials

printable homework


UNIT 1    
  LESSON 1 Subject Pronouns, To Be; Jobs and Nationalities
  LESSON 2 Numbers 1 - 10
  LESSON 3 Days of the Week
  LISTENING About Penelope Cruz
UNIT 2    
  LESSON 1 The English Sentence; Word Classes
  LESSON 2 Object pronouns
  LESSON 3 Numbers 11 - 20
  LESSON 4 Months of the Year
  LISTENING About Africa
UNIT 3    
  LESSON 1 The Present Simple; Common Nouns and Possessive Nouns
  LESSON 2 Numbers 21 - 1 million
  LESSON 3 Common Verbs
  LESSON 4 Possessive Adjectives
  LISTENING About Meerkats
UNIT 4    
  LESSON 1 Questions in the Present Simple; Adverbs of Frequency and Routine
  LESSON 2 Numbers 13 - 30 etc
  LESSON 3 Question Words
  LESSON 4 The Time
  LISTENING About bears
UNIT 5    
  LESSON 1 The Past Simple and Regular Verbs
  LESSON 2 Ordinal Numbers
  LESSON 3 Common Regular Verbs
  LESSON 4 The Date
  LISTENING About JK Rowling
UNIT 6    
  LESSON 1 Irregular Verbs: the Most Common; No Change Verbs; GHT verbs
  LESSON 2 Irregular Verbs with a Vowel Change
  LESSON 3 More Irregular Verbs
  LISTENING About Bruce Lee
UNIT 7    
  LESSON 1 The Future Be Going to for making plans
  LESSON 2 Exam
  LESSON 3 Recommended Further Study





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