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7 Steps to Glory


 step three
The present simple is easy but don't forget the S for She, He, It and the third person singular in general (Martha, the cat etc)
The Present Simple and Facts; Possessive Nouns and Adjectives
The Present Simple



I speak.

I donít speak.

You speak.

You donít speak.

She / he / it / speaks.

She / he / it / doesnít speak.

We speak.

We donít speak.

They speak.

They donít speak.

Vocabulary - Common Nouns
animal father land school
city farm mother story
country food page thing
day hand people time
earth head picture water
eye house place world
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Possessive Nouns-




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The Gates of Mordor

Oral Exercise - The Present Simple Negative
Listening about Meerkats
  Numbers 21 - 1,000 000
21 Twenty-one 40 forty
22 twenty-two 50 fifty
23 twenty-three 60 sixty
24 twenty-four 70 seventy
25 twenty-five 80 eighty
26 twenty-six 90 ninety
27 twenty-seven 100 a hundred
28 twenty-eight 1000 a thousand
29 twenty-nine 1000000 a million
30 thirty  


Common Verbs
Possessive Adjectives

my house

your house
her house
his house
its house
our house
your house
their house