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Or as in AWESOME
The Lord Sean Story  

Lord Sean was born in the north of Yorkshire

where he lived in an ancient old hall.

He went on tours and fought in wars

and the hall was full of ornaments.


Lord Sean was tall with a big square jaw.

When he spoke, he roared.

When he slept, he snored

and his breath was always awful.


He ate raw pork and thousands of prawns

with his fingers, not with a knife and fork.

He fought in the wars with his terrible sword

on a black and frightening horse.


Sean sailed abroad to the wars in Norway

but was caught in a terrible storm.

Sean and his horse were safe, of course.

They swam all the way to Oporto.


So when they got to the shore, Lord Sean swore,

“No more war, no more glory. It’s boring.

War isn’t normal. War is gory.”

and so began a whole new story.


One morning without warning,

Sean saw a girl fetching water.

and she wore a Spanish shawl.


Soon they were married with joy and laughter.

They, the horse and four gorgeous daughters

all lived happily ever after.

Ear as in NEAR

An Eel and a Seal


The fish round the pier

lived in fear

of Ian, a great big eel.


One day a grey seal

caught Ian the eel

and enjoyed a tasty meal.


The fish said, “Unreal!

Now our lives are ideal.

Thanks, Mr Seal and cheers!”

Ah! as in FAR

Arthur and Marge


Arthur and Marge were security guards

in a large safari park.

They had a big car with metal bars

and looked after zebras and giraffes.


They called the vets when there were calves

and locked the gates when it was dark.

Under the stars, the wild dogs barked

and the hyenas laughed and laughed.


They loved their jobs with all their hearts

and they loved all the animals too.

Urgh! as in BIRD

Sir Bert and Lady Bertha


It was Thursday, August the first.

A bird was perched on a branch and chirped

and a rich man swirled his brandy and burped

and said, “This drink is quite superb.”


His name was Sir Bert and he was thirty something.

He was the Third Earl of Woolworth or somewhere.


Sir Berty was fat and always thirsty.

His shirt and tie were always dirty

and his underwear always thermal.

Despite a purse filled to bursting

Sir Berty was quite absurd.


His wife was Lady Bertha

and she was a lovely person.

Bertha was a children’s nurse

for global worldwide concerns.

She travelled the world

helping boys and girls

and fighting germs wherever they were

in international emergencies.


Lady Bertha loved her work

much more than she loved

her Sir Berty ;).

Ow! as in COW

The Lout


A lazy lout

went to football grounds
to shout
at the opposite crowds
in the stadiums.

He lived in town

in his mother’s house and
spent hours

on the couch in the lounge.

What a layabout!

He was a grouch

and very proud but
what about?
Without doubt he was a clown
who got his mother down.

One day the lout

went out. He was never
so his mother moved south

and lived happily ever after.

Oo! as in BOOK

The Cook and the Pudding


“This looks good,” said the cook,

as he took a recipe book off the shelf in his local library.
“Shush, shush!” said the butcher and the cook understood.
“You shouldn’t speak out loud in the library.”

So the cook pulled up his woolly hood

because the weather was not so good
and went home to make a pudding.

Air as in Bear

When Claire is Sad


When Claire despairs,

she says her prayers
and feels a little better.

She sits on a chair,

then does her hair
and stares into the mirror.

She decides to wear

her flowery flares

and meet her friends for dinner.

Oi! as in TOY

Our Daughter


Our little daughter gets really annoyed

if a boy takes one of her toys.

“Oi! Give it back. You little brat.

Go play with one of your own.”

Our Daddy


Our Daddy enjoys

a night out with the boys

but next day

he’s really destroyed.



You can bake them in foil

or bring them to boil
or fry them in a pan with some oil.






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