The Phrasal Verbs of To Go

Phrasal verbs

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment

1 to go away

The weekend

I'm going away for the weekend / I'm leaving my city or area to go to another place.

2 to go in for

Holidays: Carla hates just lying on the beach all day.

Carla goes in for action holidays / She prefers action holidays.

3 to go off (1)

Bananas! Where to keep them.

If you put bananas in the fridge, they go black. If you leave them out, they go off / go bad or rotten.

4 to go off (2)

Hard rock

I used to like hard rock but I've gone off it now / don't like it anymore.

5 to go on

Talking too much

Kay is always going on  / talking incessantly or nonstop about her health problems.

6 to go out

Friday and Saturday

I normally stay in on Friday night and go out / go to a pub in my area on Saturday.

7 to go over

Instructions for a camera

You really should go over / study carefully the instructions before you start taking pictures.

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