Decision Idioms - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment

(1) to be worth it

That CD is too expensive.

It's not worth it / It's not a good idea to buy it / The value and the price do not correspond / Spend your money on something else.
(2) to be up to Shall we go out or stay in tonight? It's up to you / It's your choice / You decide.
(3) to make up your mind What are you going to buy... a new printer or a scanner? I can't make up my mind / I can't decide.
(4) "No way Josť!" Are you going to John's party? No way Josť! / Absolutely not! / Out of the question!
(5) "You bet!" So... are you going to Michael's party then? You bet! / Of course I am! / Definitely!

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