London Slang - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Jack Kane's definition

Do me a lemon

Someone keeps asking you annoying questions

This is like "do me a favour", but emphatic; not a request for an actual favour, but more along the lines of stop bothering me, go away, stop being stupid, etc.

You're 'avin a larf

"I want to be a brain surgeon when I grow up."

You're talking rubbish, you're trying to do something for which you lack the ability, you are in danger of crossing the line.

He/she/they etc. couldn't run a whelk stall

The government is ruining our economy
They are not capable of successfully carrying out the simplest of tasks (this is a well-established phrase, and is used in literature of politicians, etc.)
D'you like hospital food? A gangster is talking to someone who owes him money If continue to harass me, i will severely injure you.
'ave a word with yourself Someone is complaining repeatedly about something very unimportant Take yourself in hand/desist from irritating me/be aware that you are commiting a faux pas of some sort.

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