Irish Idioms - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment

1 to be after + __ING


I'm after having lunch / I've just had lunch. (potentially very confusing this one)

2 a good craic /kraek/

A party

It was a great craic / it was great fun.
3 The cut of his/her jib A new haircut Just look at the cut of his jib / the state of his hair.
4 to fall out of my, your etc standing Some surprising news I nearly fell out of my standing / I was very surprised at the news
5 Grand! When someone thanks you. You're grand / Don't mention it. NB GRAND often means VERY GOOD too.
6 to go away out of that Someone you know says, "I've won the lottery." Go away out of that / I don't believe you!

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