Emotion Idioms - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment

(1) to feel like + it / _ing

It's Sunday and you're bored

I feel like going to the cinema / I'd like to go to the cinema / I'm in the mood for a movie.
(2) can't be bothered to It's late and the sink is full of dirty dishes I can't be bothered to wash up tonight / Urgh! I'll wash up tomorrow.
(3) to be over the moon (about something) She's just passed her driving test She's over the moon/ She's very happy
(4) to be down in the dumps He's just failed his driving test He's down in the dumps / He's depressed.
(5) to be cheesed off You missed your train; you had an argument with somebody I'm totally cheesed off / I'm in a bad mood / I'm annoyed and irritated

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