Animal Idioms: reptiles, fish and insects - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment


To have a bee in one's bonnet

To be annoyed about something

Ever since I asked her about her boyfriend she's had a bee in her bonnet.


To cry crocodile tears

A funeral

He's only pretending to be sad. He's crying crocodile tears.

To be as slippery as an eel

Someone who avoids answering questions or making arrangements She's as slippery as an eel.

To have a flea in one's ear

This has a similar meaning to "to have a bee in one's bonnet". The boss has a flea in her ear this morning / Something has upset her.

To be a snake in the grass

Someone who is quietly waiting for an opportunity to strike Be careful with Sarah. She's a real snake in the grass just waiting to bite.

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