South African Idioms - Notes

Idiom, phrasal verb or slang

The situation

Phrases with similar meaning or sentiment

1 Broe /bru:/

A fishing trip

I'm going on a fishing trip with some old broes / friends.

2 Howzit?

You see someone you know

Howzit? / How are you?
3 Is it? THE UNIVERSAL REPLY A: I'm from Botswana.
B: Is it? / Are you?
4 Jol Begonia's party Are you going to Begonia's jol / party?
5 Kief /kIf/ A new disco's been opened This new disco's really kief / great.
6 Robot A mugging A Korean businessman got attacked when he stopped his car at a robot / some traffic lights.
7 Tekkies Jim's been shopping Look. I've bought some new tekkies / trainers.

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